The Fourth Wall

4.16.09 Chucks Rock Pt. 2 + Good Design Travels

Everyone knows I’m a freak for Chucks (sneakers). I wear ‘em, I blog about ‘em, I love ‘em, and I even found a way to incorporate them into a designfarm project for Friends of the Library, Montgomery County.

This week I received an email from my client at FOL in which she forwarded the following email from Ms. Virginia Hale, President of Friends of Hall County Public Library down in Gainesville, GA:

“I had the pleasure of attending the Friends of Georgia Libraries program last fall which featured much great information about organizing, improving and “growing” Friends groups.

I picked up your beautiful Montgomery Library County Friends’ brochure at the meeting. Now my local Friends’ group is redesigning our brochure, and getting inspiration from many sources. Our brochure committee is very partial to the blurbs on your brochure. May we borrow your verbiage on our new, improved  Friends’ brochure?

Your website is also an inspiration and will soon become a great source of ideas to help our group create its own website. Last May we opened our first ever coffee shop, with merchandise, and are seeing increased profits that go back to helping staff and programming…plus help us pay for the new brochure.

Thanks for what you do, and for how you do it!”

No, THANK you, Virginia!

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