The Fourth Wall

3.26.08 Yellow!


Most of us have a complex, possibly even difficult, relationship to the color yellow. Graphically speaking, yellow is cautionary, a loud warning. Police line, DO NOT CROSS! And, here on the residential streets of Takoma Park, SLOW that oversized SUV Hybrid DOWN! Or lose your transmission. Did you know, there is a difference between a Speed Hump and a Speed Bump?


In our gardens, yellow is often an ugly unwanted weed, pictured above and conspiring to go to seed in order to multiply as April’s winds blow. Personally, I find it hard not to love a thing with a name like Dandylion. And, isn’t a weed just a misplaced plant? Once, my acupuncturist had Molly and I pick and boil bushels of the dandylion weed/plant to concoct an ancient Chinese skin salve. One woman’s weed… well, you get the point.


Regardless, let’s assume you are happier with a more delicate, purposeful yellow. Ruffly Narcissus (that’s daffodils to you non-gardners) are plentiful at the moment. In fact, the Royal Horticultural Society International Daffodil Register lists more than 26,400 named daffodils! Who knew?



I am obsessed and in love with yellow right now. Yellow scares me and pushes me away, but also, it’s seductive and appealing with its super-saturated, bright ‘n sunny, how-can-you-hate-me disposition. Yellow won’t be ignored. Yellow wants to cheer me up, no matter what. Throw in a little sugary pink and a touch of black or gray to hold it all down… and whoa, I am undone.


Most of us were told one of two things regarding wearing yellow:

A. Never, EVER wear yellow, it will make your (likely Asian or caucasian skin) look sallow.

B. Yellow really sets off your beautiful (likely brown) skin.

Despite falling solidly into Category A, I purchased the above pictured cutie jacket at Target this spring. I don’t care if I look terrible in it; it makes me feel so happy, so au courrant.


Surprisingly (or not) often the three of us here at designfarm come to work, from separate locations miles apart in the tri-state area, dressed as if for a color-coordinated photo shoot. I can assure you, no memo was issued. But today, we are all wearing yellow, pink and black.


The photo above–the only photo in this post not taken during my lunch hour today–was the last photo in my iphoto library before I uploaded Speed Hump, Narcissus, Jodi, Jess, and Sarah in our spring fashions, etc. for this essay… a delicious ring I designed this week, using unbelievably irresistable miniature cakes handmade in China. Art imitates life. And life this month is in yellow and pink.

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