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3.17.08 Colors of Takoma Park

color palette 1

Finding inspiration is a part of my daily life as a designer… and color choices are an element that I make decisions about every day. The colors above have been collected and inspired by the homes in the neighborhood of Takoma Park where designfarm is located. My co-worker and I often take walks up and down the steep hills of eclectic, historic Takoma park where I can be inspired after just 15 minutes.


How simple! Who would think that a color chosen for the exterior of a home might inspire a designer like me, possibly influencing the colors I use in projects. With spring and summer right around the corner, I am excited to see how these colors will apply to my work. It’s great to have an unconventional way to find inspiration for color simply by looking closely at my environment. Color palettes appear in nature, while shopping, at home, in a favorite painting, while traveling, through historical trends, or even in my case—outside the office door. It’s fascinating to simply take the time to reflect on what I’m seeing and how it makes me feel.


Try thinking like a designer. Take a walk in your neighborhood…snap some photos of the surrounding environment with a particular focus on color palettes from houses, buildings, gardens, and trees. Notice how certain colors in nature can especially enhance the beauty and contrast of one another. Go shopping… retail stores are always up on the latest color trends in fashion and interior design. When travelling… note colors from other cultures, even just up the street in Chinatown or on a short weekend trip to another city.


Looking for color might just inspire you when you buy your next outfit or pair of leggings, when you get a tattoo, decorate a room, choose colors for your wedding, or even when painting the exterior of your home. In turn, you could inspire someone simply by the colors you choose, as my Takoma neighbors have inspired me.


3 Responses to “Colors of Takoma Park”

  1. Peter Kaizer Says:

    Great post about how the world around us can inspire our work as designers and how being mindful and present is important creative fuel. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jodi Says:

    I know that the power to not only observe the world, but also to sift through the noise and then APPLY what we’ve discovered in context is one of the most challenging and joyful experiences as a designer. Yes, it all starts with mindful observance…!

  3. Takoma Park’s colors — hues kidding hue « suns along the Mohawk Says:

    […] and Lea Chartock who live in Takoma Park. (For more “Colors of Takoma Park,” see the FourthWall weblog, by the folks at Takoma’s Design […]

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