The Fourth Wall

3.17.08 A Brief Peek Inside “the farm”


Design is all around us whether at home, at play, or adorning our workspace. Here at designfarm, we love to fill our shelves with inspirational items that we desire to display and find from our walks of life. From a bouquet of vintage button flowers to an endless collection of fruit stickers, these artifacts not only decorate our workspaces, but they define our unique “design” personalities. So come on in and check out a sampling of the delightful goodies we have laying around. Perhaps they will inspire you!


You can always find unique treats on Jodi’s desk like this vase of assorted button flowers and the doll baby enjoying the sunshine one afternoon. Cute skirt, eh?


And just a few steps away at Sarah’s station, you can gaze at a multitude of fruit stickers as well as a variety of antique souvenirs she has found along the way.


And finally, arrival at my desk where you can find an assortment of toys, containers, and knick knacks. The “d” is from our retired logotype. I don’t know why, but I just love it!

In the end, it just goes to show that design is everywhere, including our workspaces. As designers, we love to collect items from our travels that catch our eye. Could be great lookin’ type, a funny toy, vintage photographs, or something as simple as buttons. That is a little peek of what we’re about and where we derive our creativity from. We’re collectors and designers… and we love to fill our workspaces with all that we find!