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3.31.09 A Not-So-Washington Washington Event

Some things about event design are very different these days and some things have remained the same over time. One aspect that never changes: A well-branded event ensures that an organization’s message is put forward with clarity and power.

The Center for Democracy & Technology held their annual Gala dinner event recently. It all started with an e-invitation (shown above), saving paper, postage, and allowing for iterations as sponsor committees grew. This is also extremely appropriate for a forward-thinking Internet policy leader like CDT.

Entering the venue, the Gala typography and message–Leading the Internet in Transition–greets guests and sets the tone for an exciting evening.

The event program and a laptop sticker give-away carry the graphical elements from the e-vite to each place setting at over 60 tables.

Color-coordinated centerpieces are a nice touch.

CDT’s tagline–written by Leslie Harris, President– is an excellent example of summarizing a complex organization’s message into a few powerful words. We projected the tagline to the left and right of the main stage at the event.

For the main stage, the event’s theme and the essential elements of CDT’s tagline are combined as a simple but effective backdrop and worked well behind keynote speakers Chairman Jon Leibowitz (FTC) and US Congressman Rick Boucher (Chair of the Subcommitte on Communications, Technology and the Internet). Best of all… that blazing hot red electric guitar! Yes, a group from the tech-community, including CDT founder Jerry Berman on drums–took the stage and rocked the house!

It was really an exciting, lively evening that–most importantly–met CDT’s goal for forwarding their message and agenda.

To view CDT’s previous Gala materials visit the designfarm portfolio.

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