The Fourth Wall


It’s that time again for you to be the judge! But first, let us reveal the answer from the previous post for Contemporary Cases in U.S. Foreign Policy. THE CORRECT ANSWER IS: b

Concept of cover: Typography emphasizes the Case Study nature of the material, with a powerful 4-color image of a ball of tangled colored wire. Image suggests the complexity of the material and suggests that the course addresses Foreign Policy in all of it’s multi-faceted, intertwining dimensions.

ONTO THE NEXT COVER PROJECT FROM THIS ONGOING SERIES: Just in case you missed the first one, here is a recap on participation. Please pick the book cover that you think the client selected for publishing. . We are showing you six directions for a book cover design, including the one the client chose. We’ll include a short blurb on the project to help you contextualize and understand the problem and our solutions. Let us know which cover you like and why you think it is effective. In a few weeks we will reveal the answer! Want to think like a designer? Then yes, your visceral reaction counts… which cover do you simply like best? But while the winning solution must certainly look good (whatever that means), it must also be most effective in communicating content and (duh) selling books.

Here’s the info for the image pictured above:

Title: Engines of Democracy

Subtitle: Politics and Policymaking in State Legislatures

Publisher: CQ Press An independent publisher advancing democracy by informing citizens.

Synopsis: This is a book that could work as a supplement in both state politics and legislative process courses. We also plan on selling to state legislators for training and educational programs. Rosenthal describes state legislatures as the “engines of democracy” because they (and not the executive or the judiciary) tug and pull a heavy load, uphill much of the way. Like the children’s story of the little engine that could, the legislature usually delivers the goods—a mixed bag, depending largely on one’s tastes. The legislature, however, upon its arrival is far more likely to be greeted by jeers than by cheers. The cover should reflect Alan’s hands-on approach and it can be a bit whimsicaL

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